About Us

Mariam Mutawa is an ultra-modern clothing label born out of a passion for design. The brand brings ready-to-wear designs in a luxurious new light celebrating the choice of a woman every day.

Inspired by Qatar's engagement in world art & culturally significant modest fashion, the founder Mariam AlMutawa designs intricate designs in simply luscious fabric.

The Story

Born into a thriving family of poets and artists, Mariam Al Mutawa's fascination for design knew no bounds. She carried a creative fire as she pursued her love for fashion and jewellery. Mariam's journey in fashion business started in 2003, where she immersed in her craftsmanship. Her trip to Milan opened the world of enchanting fabrics and fashion's latest endeavours.

Mariam Mutawa the label weaves a story that luxury is nothing but a necessity. Wearing luxury means unveiling your comfort, & confidence to step out and make a statement. From being an aspiring designer at a young age to now flaunting her designs to the world, Mariam Al Mutawa is a visionary influence in women's fashion today.

The Vision

To be an identity for luxury fashion in Qatar.


Our mission is to empower women with apparel that radiate beauty and grace, enhancing their sense of self-worth while honoring their commitment to modesty. We strive to create garments that seamlessly blend fashion-forward designs with modest principles, enabling women to express their individuality with confidence and dignity.